Well, we’re getting a couple months into 2019, so this is a bit on the late side, my apologies.

I thought it would be fun to look back at some of 2018’s shoots. These are just couples, engagements and weddings. We also did a ton of family, newborns, maternity, and other shoots that aren’t shown here.

As you’ll see we had a pretty crazy busy year, and wow did we get to meet a lot of amazing people. Worked with some of Winnipegs best wedding vendors, got to shoot at venue’s we haven’t been to before, checked out all kinds of different locations around Manitoba and Ontario for engagements and weddings.

2018 was a year of growth, not just with the amount we shot, but with many other parts of this business. Amanda and Michelle both shot weddings and engagements this year. We’ve all grown in the way we shoot and interact with our couples. Amanda set goals for herself with her newborn photography and went way beyond those goals (Super proud of her!!). We worked with a number of talented photographers that second shot with us on a number of occasions. Its been pretty fantastic!

It was also a year of figuring out how to handle this increased workload at home, and we’re still working on having that healthy balance. We’ve got two kids, two dogs, and we still need to make time for each other. We’re learning that we need to make time for ourselves, for our health, to have fun and enjoy as much time together as we can. I think that will also make us better at our craft at the same time. We did manage to get out camping, fishing, hit the beach, go on adventures and have as much fun as we could with family and friends. This year we are going to try and make even more of that happen.

So what kind of stuff did we get up to this year?
We got to shoot a proposal in Vegas. Shot a wedding in Hawaii (we also stayed out there a bit longer to have a little vacay time), shot another wedding in Iceland (will gladly head out there every year!) and we shot a wedding in Mexico (We may have cried the most at that one).

We also shot one heck of a lot of weddings in and around Winnipeg and Lake of the Woods, Clear Lake, etc. We got to see so many familiar faces from previous weddings as guests or in wedding parties, so that is always fun! Each wedding was so special and unique and made for some really great times for us to work at. We can’t thank everyone enough for having us be part of such special times in their lives.

Engagements and couples shoots… holy smokes did we get out and do a lot of these. Did we ever have some good times while doing them too. From all the good laughs (mostly at my expense), the spectacular locations, and getting to know every one just a little bit better along the way.

2018 was something else! and we’re excited to see what we get up to in 2019. Im going to stop rambling away and let you get to scrolling through all of the photo’s. These are just a small sample of some of our favs from 2018, you’d be scrolling for far too long if we posted them all.

You can also check out the slideshows, they are a bit more fun to watch with the added music!

Corey :)

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