Erin and Kyle, a couple of super friendly and fun people! I very much enjoyed spending the day with them and their close family and friends out at Bridges Golf Course. We spent some time outside doing their first look, wedding party photo’s and photo’s of just the two of them, some of those photo’s included the two of them showing me their best dance moves (super fun right!!)

The rest of the day was spent inside, with them surrounded by all the people that love them. Great touching speeches, lots of laughs, and donuts… so many delicious donuts. Oh yeah, and then a crazy good time on the dance floor. Im pretty sure I seen a girl catch a random hand in the head, im pretty sure she survived though.

Enough of me chatting about it, scroll down and start looking at the pics or hit play on the slideshow!

Venue: Bridges Golf Course
Makeup: Myuz Artistry