We are Corey + Amanda

  • We were married in August 2012

  • Our first baby was born (Nixon) on June 22nd 2014.

  • Baby number 2 (Alivia) was born December 29, 2016.

  • We have 2 beagles, Lilly-Bean and Buddy.

  • We love to camp and enjoy the outdoors.

  • On our very rare available days off in the summer, you can find us enjoying ourselves at Thunderbird Bungalows in Clear Lake, Mb.

  • Corey introduced Amanda to photography in their back yard.

  • We enjoy meeting new people and losing the time in good conversation

  • We are always up to try different foods, we recently tried RAW New Zealand Venison… (It was actually REALLY good)

  • We rarely have free time, but enjoy our busy life, and always manage to find time for friends and family!

  • We will not say no to shooting a wedding in Iceland! Seriously... immediate answer is yes!

  • We love to help, we strongly believe in Community over Competition. We are pretty much open books if anyone needs some help, advice, whatever it may be when it comes to this business.