Hey friends!

We want you to succeed, actually, we want every one to succeed in this crazy awesome business! The more we push each other to improve their craft, the more we push the entire industry to become better, to create new and amazing photo's, and to capture lasting memories for all of our clients. We are very strong believers in Community Over Competition, and wish to spread that mantra to all.

We are now offering one on one mentor sessions for fellow photographers that want to take their skills to the next level, to get inspired, to learn from us, our wins and failures.
We'll sit down for a chat and go over any questions you have, and help you get going with moving your business in the direction you want it to go. 

Some topics we've covered with other photographers are:
- Posing, and how to keep your flow going during a shoot
- How to edit consistently, speeding up your workflow
- Booking your ideal clients, and dream weddings
- Behind the scenes; managing shoots, galleries, invoicing, etc
- Pricing, packages, albums

The sky is the limit, ask us anything! 

You can do a half day session, or a full day session. After we discuss things for a while we will head out for a shoot together. 

If you're interested use the contact form below and we can give you more details.