Back in November we made our way to the airport to hop on a plane with 80+ friends and family of Shayna and Mark and head to Mexico. If the flight was to be indication of what the next 7 days had in store for us, we were in for a fantastic time.

I got to sit next to Mark’s dad on the plane, and we spent some good time chatting and sharing stories and laughs.

Over the week we were out there we shared a lot of stories, and laughs, a bit of tears, and a whole lot of great times with everyone that was there for the wedding. They made Amanda and myself feel like we were family. Clearly Shayna and Mark have a lot of good people surrounding and supporting them.

We spent our first few days at the Grand Sunset Princess resort hanging out at the pool with everyone grabbing some fun photo’s of the group hanging out, enjoyed a few pina colada’s and other tasty beverages together while we were at it.

When the big day for the wedding came around, there was some rain in the forecast and they had to decide whether or not to move the wedding indoors or take the chance and keep it outside on the beach. They went with the beach option, which turned out for the best as it didn’t rain until the beach party was over at the end of the night.

Getting to know everyone over the few days before the wedding made things a bit more intimate and emotional for us on the day of. We found ourselves fighting back some tears a number of times through the day. I was full on crying with a couple of bridesmaids during Shayna’s dance with a few of the very important men in her life.

Shayna and Marks destination wedding is one that we will always remember. We had one heck of a great time, and made a lot of new friends. I know I could keep writing for a long time about our week out there, from the foam party on the beach, to staying out till 5am by the Sports Bar with everyone, to the crazy fun conversations we had, and how amazing it was to be part of such an amazing moment in the lives of these two wonderful human beings. I am going to let the slideshow and photo’s below do the talking though, hopefully they help you feel a bit of the emotions and feelings that were had on this special day.

We will have a second blog post with their day after session soon, so be on the look out for that too!

Corey & Amanda