Well, the fun wasn’t over after the wedding day. We headed out with Shayna and Mark for a Day After shoot. We started it off with a few fun photo’s of Shayna and her bridesmaids.

The day after shoot gave us a bit more time with the two of them, no rush, no wedding day stress, etc. and we got to head out around sunset. Knowing we’d be out and about for a bit we packed a few drinks from the bar fridge, and a bottle of cheap tequila (like there wasn’t enough of that consumed already).

This shoot was an absolute dream, the conditions were perfect a bit of wind, an amazing sunset, and heck we were in Mexico after all, it could have rained and it would have been fine!

On our walk down the beach we found an old pier with nobody around, so obviously we walked out on to it and snapped some pics. It wasn’t long until a security guard starting telling us to leave. So ff we went to another one not far away. This time there was already a security guard there waiting to stop us. He was successful in doing so until I happened to slip him a $20 bill… then it seemed to be ok to shoot there. Odd.

After having plenty of fun shooting, getting our shoes soaked, dress wet and full of sand we made our way back, but not before that cheap bottle of tequila made its appearance and was slightly consumed.

This trip was all kinds of fun for us. Amanda and I had a chance to work together (I really do love working with her, she see’s things I don’t or see's them in a different way than I do, which makes for a great mix of photo’s in the end.) We got to meet all kinds of new friends, enjoy some time on the beach and by the poolside. I can’t wait until the next time!