I've been on the hunt for a really good camera bag for some time now, and Peak Design has put an end to that hunt!

Most bags out there are horrible looking, some look like a bag you'd take on a safari through the jungle, some just come off as useless or not very functional. Peak Designs has nailed it with their Everyday Messenger bag. Not only is is really really good looking, its also super functional and designed with a lot of thought in mind.

As soon as you get the package in the mail, you are impressed with how its packed. It arrives in a nice simple black bag that is stitched closed, it has one simple instuction to open it. 

After you've sat and admired the bag that it comes in for a while and finally pull that string to open it, you are graced with the prescence of one hell of a nice camera bag. So many little touches that really show how much thought has been put into its design. 

I havent had a chance to use the bag much yet, but so far my gear fits in it nicely, there's a good amount of pockets. The latch is brilliant, and so far the bag is an all around winner.

Here's a few pics I snapped of it. 
**Im not being paid for this review, Im just really excited to have this bag. It was an early Fathers Day/Brithday gift. 

- Corey