Sometimes I think you just need to throw things out to the world! This is one of them. 

I've wanted to visit Iceland for longer than I can remember, i'm actually half Icelandic, which probably has a lot to do with my desire to visit. I'm also a photographer and words can't describe how much i'd love to take photo's there. Even more than that i'd love to take photo's of a couple getting married in Iceland. Whether you are from Iceland of somewhere else in the world and looking to elope makes no difference. 

So, this is my pitch! If you are getting married in Iceland, I am offering my services free of charge. I will shoot engagement photo's and your wedding in Iceland, all I require is that my airfare (round trip) and accommodations are paid for by you. That's it! In return I will take great photo's for you, and capture your special moments in memories that will last you a life time.

This is just one of those bucket list things I want to do. If there's somewhere else amazing that you are getting married I just might extend this offer to other locations. So shoot us an email using our contact form and lets make this happen.