Back in June I hopped in my car on what looked to be a beautiful sunny day in Winnipeg, and started my drive out to Winkler. About 30 mins before I made it to Winkler the clouds had covered the sun and rain was coming down. As you’d imagine my heart got a little bit sad that we wouldn’t be getting many beautiful outdoor photo’s, and I didn’t really know what was around for alternate indoor locations nearby.

Walking into Rita’s parents home I wasn’t sure what reaction i’d get about the rain, but one of the first things Rita said was that she was more than ready to head out for photo’s in the rain! YESSSSS!!!! now thats the attitude I love. I was all for it as it wasn’t pouring, but it was still coming down enough to get rather soaked. I took a chance with the camera gear and tried to keep it as dry as possible.

We started off with a really cute first look just outside the house under the cover of the chicken coop, the best looking chicken coup i’ve ever seen too! After that, we hopped in their old civic and booted down some gravel roads and found some absolutely breathtaking places for photo’s with them.

If you ask me the rain made these photo’s way better than a sunny day. They embraced it, had a great time with it and I couldn’t be happier with the results. We did get a few breaks from the rain while doing family photo’s and photo’s with the wedding party, so that was nice.

Rita’s parents also have a herd of Bison at their place, so clearly we had to get out there and get some photo’s with the herd. We couldn’t get too close for obvious reasons, but it was nice to incorporate them into some shots.

The rest of the evening was spent celebrating Rita and Shawn with their closest family and friends around. Countless good laughs during the speeches were had.

If you’re having your wedding in or around Winkler i’d love to shoot it, its just too beautiful out there, and for all the brides out there worried about rain on the wedding day, just take a scroll through these photo’s and don’t be too worried about it. The rain can sure make things just as stunning!

You can check out the slideshow with some music, or you can scroll on through the photo’s.