A little while back we took a trip to Las Vegas with Erin and Evan. We had some fun, and by fun I mean we drank a little and got to bed super early (We didn’t have the kids, so we got to sleep in and not get woken up multiple times through the night haha.) We also got to capture the moment that Evan proposed to Erin, he had let us in on it well ahead of time so we were prepared with cameras and ready for it.

Now here we are shooting their engagement photo’s and very soon we’ll be shooting their wedding! Its great that we call these two friends and we get to capture these special moments in their lives. For their engagement Amanda and I took them down to the exchange. We started off with a couple drinks at The Kings Head to loosen up a bit then just wandered the streets and had some fun. We may have mad a quick pit stop at Carnival for another drink, but we will neither confirm or deny it.

Enjoy the slideshow or the photo’s and stay tuned for their wedding soon!