Im not too sure where to even start with these two… but here goes. Im going to start with knocking on their door at the Inn at the Forks. The room was full of everyone in the wedding party, Claire and her girls in the bedroom getting ready, and John and the guys hanging out in the other half of the hotel room. John was sitting comfortably in his robe watching some obscure movies i’d never heard of, and Claire and the girls were hanging out laughing and having a great time in their room.

Once all the hair and makeup was done, and after John slipped out of the robe and into his wedding suit we headed out to do their first look. They did their first look in the same spot Amanda and I did ours.

After that, we headed outdoors for some fun photo’s with every one, and then off to The Common at the Forks for a quick bite to eat. With tummy’s filled up we made our way over to Fort Gibraltar for a few more photo’s before the ceremony.

Claire and John did things their way for the wedding, and that included entering the ceremony walking down the aisle together. Totally loved that.

The rest of the evening was amazing, like bringing a guy to tears kind of amazing. How’d that happen you ask? Well having the entire room full of guests singing a song to them is what did it.

I left this wedding feeling so refreshed, and happy, and just feeling great about doing what I do and why I do it.

Enjoy the photo’s below, I enjoyed the heck taking them and editing them.

Corey :)

Venue: Fort Gibraltar
Florist: Academy Florist
Hair: Freshair Boutique
Makeup: Two Chicks and a bag of makeup
Dessert Table: Jenna Rae Cakes