Amanda and I managed to get out together for a shoot! (Thanks Mom for watching the kiddos!) We drove out to Lac Lu and met up with Cheyenne and Brett at Lac Lu Landing. Brett brought his boat along (I am always down with that!) oh, and they brought the cutest little puppy along (Jagger).

With the boat in the water we headed out to a few different spots. At one point we pulled up to a cliff, and left Amanda and Jagger in the boat. Brett just so happens to have a remote control for his boat so he sent it out away from the cliff side so Amanda could take some shots of the two of them from out on the lake.

We wrapped up the shoot with some more photo’s at their cabin to add that little special extra touch.

After all was said and done Amanda and I had out own little date night at Lake of the Woods Brew Co. Surprise surprise on the way out we spotted Cheyenne and Brett there too.

Can’t wait for more good times with these two and Jagger.