It was a pretty darn chilly February day in Winnipeg when Anastasia and Scott got married, we started it off in the warm comforts of Aspire pro studio’s. The guys kept things extra warm with a few sips of some fancy scotch that Scott waited in line for that morning (One of the groomsmen may have regrettably drank it like it was a shot.)

When Anastasia and her bridesmaids showed up we kicked things off with a sweet first look between her and Scott. From there we had lots of laughs, a few donuts (Thanks to Oh Donuts) and a bunch of good fun!

We made our way to the Manitoba Club for some more indoor photo’s and a few outside in the cold as well. We timed it pretty perfectly with the sun just peeking through the buildings before it was gone for the night. A beautiful ceremony, a fun cocktail hour and a crazy good time at the reception finished off the night. The Manitoba Club and their staff we amazing as always!

These two and all of their friends and family we’re nothing but a great fun time! It was such a blast spending these special moments with them.

You can also check out the slideshow instead of scrolling through if you’d like.