So here’s a run down of how things went with Sara and Chris on their shoot. We met up at The kings head pub, and headed out for a trek around the exchange. I know the exchange is a very popular area for engagement shoots but I try to just wander around and find different spots with beautiful light and that’s exactly what we did. We eventually made our way to one particular spot, they were gettin all wild and having a kiss while I snapped a few photos when out of no where a large man pops out of a building door and starts giving me a bit of a hard time... turns out he thought I was taking photos of skateboarders on his fancy new deck/patio edging. He soon realized that wasn’t the case and then asked if we wanted to take some photos on the rooftop of his building, ummm let me think about that, of course we do. So he took us up there and then left us to do as we pleased. One of those wrong place at the right time situations I guess. After that we continued our adventure around the exchange finding more great light and having some good laughs and conversation.

So that’s about how it played out, hope you enjoy the photos!