We met up with Saki and Edwin pretty early in the morning to head out on this hike to do some more wedding photos with them. To start it should be noted that Saki did the entire hike in her wedding dress and flip flops (no big deal). This was some of the hottest, most humid hiking i've ever done, we were all sweating like crazy, except for Saki!

When the trail first starts you get this crazy view of so much lush greenery, this got us all kinds of excited and shooting right away, then you walk like 20 steps further and the view gets even better!! 

There was so many great little spots to stop and shoot on the way up to the falls, and then on the way back down you get to view every thing just a little bit differently and get excited about it all over again.

It was a good thing we got started on the hike early as when we reached the falls there was already a crowd of people starting and by the time we were done shooting at the falls it was packed with people. 

This was really one hell of an amazing shoot, and so much fun. We can't wait to get back out to Hawaii again one of these days. 

There will be one more Oahu blog post coming, but it will be of personal photo's we took of our time out there, so be on the look out for that.