For as long as I can remember it’s been a dream of mine to visit Hawaii, well it finally happened! I’ve known Edwin for longer than I can remember, him and my brother were always great friends so I’d see Edwin around the house quite a bit. One day I got a message from Edwin telling me he wanted us to shoot his wedding in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. I may have gotten a slight bit excited by this. We got together at their condo, I met Saki for the first time and we had some pizza together and talked about the plans for the big exciting day.

So here we go, Amanda and I hopped on a plane to Vancouver followed up with another to Waikiki!! First thoughts upon landing in Waikiki.. holy smokes it’s hot here and whaaaaaaat!! We’re in Hawaii!!!!!

We stayed in Waikiki a block from the beach, pretty much perfect! If you’ve never been to Waikiki let’s just say it’s kinda like Vegas, minus the casinos and smoking but with an amazing beach and far friendlier people. We soaked up the sun, watched surfers surf, enjoyed great food and maybe a few mai tai’s!

I’ll get back to a few of our adventures in a bit or maybe I’ll do a separate post for those.

Now for Saki and Edwin’s wedding day! Obviously we kicked it off with a power breakfast at McDonald’s! Amanda made her way to the guys hotel while they got ready and I went over to Saki’s hotel while she got ready with her girls. We then met up with all their family and friends on the big tour bus to make our way to Paradise Cove for the ceremony and reception. The heat that day was no joke! It was hot, like crazy hot! That didn’t stop everyone from having a great time though. Their ceremony included some fun Hawaiian traditions (they had to kiss for as long as the officiant could blow into a conch shell). Cocktail hour was fantastic, they even had Hawaiian shave ice available for everyone (seriously good stuff!). We wandered along the beach and took so many photos! Paradise Cove was a spectacular wedding venue. Once the sun started to get close to where the sky meets the ocean we headed back down to the beach for some more photos, and wow the Hawaiian sunset didn’t disappoint! We spent the rest of the night partying with everyone there and having an amazing good time!

No apologies for all the pics below. Also stay tuned for part two of our time with Saki and Edwin where we hike to Manoa Falls for another shoot!