Part 3 - The last day in Iceland

Im actually going to start this off on the evening of Day 2, better yet I'll start it off from my birthday, back in June. Amanda arranged to take me out for wings (I love hot wings!) for my birthday. I figured it was just the two of us, but her being the amazing wife she is, she invited a bunch of our good friends out. Surprise!  After getting over the fact that I get to enjoy wings with all my friends, we got to chatting about the upcoming trip to Iceland. This peeked some interest with Robyn and Lionel, and gave them a gentle push to plan a trip there for the same time as us. We also persuaded them with the offer to take their photo's out there! So next thing ya know they've booked their flights to be there the same time as us! 

Fast forward now back to the evening of Day 2 in Iceland. We just drove back from Budir shooting Mikaila and Wills elopement. We were running on very little sleep, and pretty exhausted, however Robyn and Lionel we're headed over to our AirBNB and we were going to have a night out, dinner and a "couple" drinks. We made our way down to the bumpin' and fun part of Reykjavik for some dinner. After a drink and a shot of Icelandic vodka we wandered around finding all the cool little places we could to stop in for more drinks. We even ended up in the Big Lebowski bar... super random right! That night was a blast, as it always seems to be, when we get together with those two! If you happened to catch our live insta stories from out there, you'd see a bit of the fun we were having. 

The plan for Day 3 was to head out with Robyn and Lionel and check out waterfalls, and adventure and take wild pictures wherever we could. That morning our bodies said NO. Amanda had come down with a terrible cold before we even left Canada, and was being a trooper keeping up with this crazy busy adventurous trip, and my body was feeling the exhaustion of being on the go with very little sleep. So we had to let them head out on their own. After getting some energy back after a lazy day spent eating fish and chips in our room, we decided we'd head out on the road and meet Robyn and Lionel on their way back to Reykjavik. We found this amazing spot on the side of the highway with steam coming from the ground, hot springs, and hot water seeping out of the mountain side. As usual in Iceland it was raining too. Robyn and Lionel managed to get to the spot with about 15 minutes of light left, and we managed to pull off the shoot you see below. Super glad we could make it happen, and snag some amazing photo's of these fantastic friends of ours. 

As of just a couple days before writing and posting this blog, we have just confirmed another elopement in Iceland. I am extremely stoked to be heading back out there, to seeing more of that wild country, and having my mind blown by its wild landscapes! Oh yeah and those amazing gas station bacon wrapped hot dogs!!!