Oh boy,,, where to start with this one!

Might as well start with walking in the door to the guest cabin at the Rustic Wedding Barn. I was greeted by Trevor, in his underwear and a big smile on his face. Meanwhile Amanda was hanging out with Kylee and her fancy ladies. The guys had some good stories to tell of the night before, and im sure the girls had a few stories of their own.

Kylee and Trevor didn’t do a first look, but we did get them into the same room without seeing each other and let them have a few moments holding hands. Super sweet, with a few tears rolling down cheeks.

This was followed up by even more tears when Trevor actually got to see Kylee walk down the aisle. Whether its a first look before the ceremony, or one down the aisle I really do love those moments. It reminds me of my first look with Amanda back when we got married.

Kylee kept things pretty casual in the footwear department with a fresh pair of white converse (I thought that was super rad) and Trevor looked very sharp in his custom fitted suit!

This entire day was so much fun and filled with laughs, drinks, family, friends, smiles and cries. We had such a great time out at The Rustic Wedding Barn capturing this beautiful day for Kylee and Trevor. We continued the fun with an awesome sunset shoot! Be sure to make your way to the bottom of this one.


Venue: The Rustic Wedding Barn
Hairstylist: Kelly Evans
Makeup Artist: Kristy Greg
Florist: Oak and Lily

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