What can we say about this one? It was one heck of a fun time, from drinks, and jokes, people getting ‘iced’, to beers exploding in faces. It was wild. It was also a full of love and emotions.

Jess and Chris started with a beautiful first look at Assiniboine Park, there was a few tears flowing during that. Followed up with some fun with the wedding party. After Assiniboine Park we made our way over to The Kings Head Pub (im never opposed to, the people there are fantastic, not to mention the drinks and food are delicious) after some fun in there we got back outside for a few more photo’s before making our way out to the beautiful Hawthorn Estates for their ceremony and reception. If you haven’t been out to Hawthorn Estates, it is one of the most beautiful wedding venues around Winnipeg.

Amanda and I had a fantastic time with Jess and Chris and all of their family and friends. Couldn’t have really asked for a better day.

Enough of my chit chat, start scrolling and check out some of the photo’s from the day!