Well... here goes! 

First things first, Paris and George were actually the second couple to book us for an elopement in Iceland, but they managed to be the first that we shot in the 3 days we were there. We had already been booked to shoot another elopement (It will be posted soon) and crazily enough Paris and George were looking to elope in the same time frame that we were going to be there. 

Now with that out of the way, this might be a long post, so grab a snack, maybe a tasty beverage, and enjoy. 

We left Winnipeg Sunday afternoon, after shooting a wedding on Saturday. We flew through the night to get to Iceland, and neither Amanda or myself are much good at sleeping on planes. We arrived at 9am, grabbed our sweet Dacia rental car, and a delicious coffee and sandwich from Joe and the Juice and got on the road. We headed straight to Paris and Georges AirBNB, had a quick change of clothes and quickly freshened up before starting the day of shooting. 
They did their first look pretty much across the street from the AirBNB, and once we did that we hopped into the car and headed East! 

Here's the thing about Iceland, every where you look there's an epic spot to shoot. First stop was off the side of the highway after making our way over a mountain range. Second stop was just a few minutes from there in what appeared to be some kind of mining operation. 

We finally found ourselves at the office of the Wedding Officiant and were back on the road to our first Iceland waterfall Seljalandsfoss (try and say that, good luck!) This is where they had their official ceremony. It was wet, very wet, but 110% amazing in every way. We even got to sign as witnesses! We also had a crowd of people around that of course let out a big cheer for them. 

Next stop was another side of the highway location, we spotted an old grass covered house, or barn, or whatever it was. It was perfect! 

Waterfall number 2 for the day was Skogafoss. You may have seen it before, its pretty much the most amazing waterfall you'll see. Yet again, we got soaked, but let me tell you it was worth it. We took a few photo's of Paris and George there, and then handed one of our cameras to them to take photo's of us! haha. 

With Skogafoss done, we got back on the road and made our way to Vik, home of the famous Black Sand Beach. It was cold, super windy, rainy, and there was a lot of tourists, yet somehow we managed to make some magic there and get some beautiful photo's. 

By this time it was starting to get pretty late in the day, and we had a pretty long trek back to Reykjavik ahead of us. So we started heading back, but not without stopping in a few more of those off the side of the highway spots! Seriously you could just skip all of the super popular locations and just find places off the highway, its amazing out there. 

That pretty much sums up day 1 in Iceland, once we got back to town we had quite the adventure of finding our AirBNB and getting in there (thats another story in itself). Grabbed ourselves some Fish N Chips for supper and got some much needed sleep, as we had to be up at 5am for Day 2's elopement. 

Thank you so much Paris and George for taking us on this adventure with you. You guys were amazing, and we couldn't be more honored to have been part of such a special day for you both. Looking forward to the day we cross paths once again! 

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