So on a scale of 1-10 for unique weddings I've shot over the years this one is 12 out of 10. I'll start by mentioning that I've known Ash for more years than I can think of. I still remember one of the first times we met, and it involved one of my favorite food groups (Chicken wings, Ash when you read this maybe we can plan to go for wings soon!) We've been through it all together over the years, so it was definitely an honor to be asked to shoot their wedding. 

From the skulls, pumpkins, horror movie table numbers, and more you'll get a pretty good idea of the things that Liz and Ash are into. Ash had a green suit (Super rad in my books!) and Liz had a custom made Lennard Taylor Wedding dress. There was plenty of details, that wild cake!, vows written on a roll of toilet paper, and some thoughtful tributes to those that couldn't be present. 

Liz and Ash, thank you both for having me capture your wedding day for you! 

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