A strong core value we follow, and try to promote industry wide is "Community over Competition".
We have made some great friends in the wedding/photography industry, one of them being Bri Orchard-Sa from Orchard Photography.
Bri has been booming in the baby photography industry, and we have shared tips back and forth regarding weddings, baby's, gear and editing.

I had to take a few months off from shooting when I was too pregnant, and now that my daughter is a little bit older, I am wanting to get back into the game. As we are forever learning our craft, I asked Bri if she would mind if I tagged along on one of her many baby shoots. She happily agreed, and we set off to shoot one week old baby Lennyn.

Bri was generous enough to let me snap a few of my own photos during the process, and I couldn't help but shoot a few of her doing her thing. 

Lennyn was a dream baby and it went so smoothly, and I definitely left feeling like I had learnt a few things.

So a BIG thank you to Bri, not only a fellow photographer, but also a great friend.