Back in August we shot Kayla and Jarrods wedding. We started out with their first look at Aspire Studio's and then made our way out to Birds Hill Park for some more photo's with the two of them and their wedding party. Then back in to the city for the ceremony, and wrapped things up at the Best Western Plus for the big celebration! The day went perfect, the weather treated us well, and we really did have a lot of fun!

Sometimes its actually difficult to put into words how much I enjoy shooting weddings and working with wonderful couples, this is one of those times! Getting to know these two over the past few years has been fantastic, and it's always difficult for me when it comes time to blog a wedding, as in a way its almost a goodbye, and I don't much care for goodbye's. 

Before I get too worked up about this stuff, why don't you all take a scroll through the photo's below and I hope you enjoy them. 

- Corey. :)