Not even sure where to start with this one. Im writing this before i've even had a chance to edit the photos (which now at the time of posting this has been done a long time ago).

Kyla & Trevor wanted to do their engagement shoot at both of their family cabins and they're very special places for the two of them. Obviously we're always happy to head out to Lake of the woods and shoot some photos! 

We ran into Kyla the night before at another wedding we were shooting and she was on the fence about cancelling the shoot as the weather outlook wasn't looking too great for the next day. We agree'd to see how it looked the next morning. Morning came around and it was still looking to be rainy, we agree'd we would reschedule.... however a few minutes later we got an email from Trevor saying that they wanted to go for it! 

Turns out he made a good call on that one as the evening turned out absolutely perfect! 

Not gonna lie, we took some beautiful photo's with Kyla and Trevor, and had one heck on an awesome time while I was at it!

Now for my more personal part of this adventure. 

When I arrived at Kyla's cabin at Clear Water Bay, I was greeted by Kyla, Trevor, her Parents and her Aunt, all of whom were so kind and welcoming, offering me food, drinks, etc. Had some chit chat and they really made me feel like I was at home. 

We made our way out to Trevor's cabin in Minaki. Yet again, I was welcomed right in, everyone was super friendly, food and drinks offered (I may have accepted a drink) We were going to get right into shooting, however thought it would be best to take a few minutes and relax on the deck by the lake and wait for the sun to dip a bit lower in the sky. We had some good convo's and I soaked up as much of the peacefulness of the lake as I could. 

Trevors dad had made mention that he was a physiotherapist, and me being as busy as i've been lately had been putting off making a physio appointment as i've been having some troubles with my leg. So I asked if he could fix me up! haha. 
He didn't hesitate and offered to have a look when I was done shooting. 

Finished up the shoot and he's got his table setup on the deck and ready to see whats wrong with my leg! So there I am, getting checked out with the lake right there, a beautiful sunset, and being helped out by someone i've never met before. 

After collecting my gear and heading back up to the cabin to say bye and make my way home I am handed a thank you card and gift from Kyla and Trevor (totally unexpected, but super awesome) and then handed a plate of food for my drive home from his parents (which might I add was super delicious)

I spent my drive home really processing the evening I just experienced. I got a message from Kyla and Trevor thanking me for coming out there, but really I feel like the one that should be thanking them. We are always super grateful to each and every couple that has us shoot these memories for them, but sometimes there is experiences like this one that really get you in the feels and give you a whole new appreciation for what we do. I woke up today feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. So thank you Kyla, Trevor and both of your families for treating me so good, thank you for having me out there to capture this special time in your life. Im truly humbled and honored to be working with all of you.