I love adventures! Like really really love them! So when Erica and Ashley said they wanted to head out to the McGillivray Falls hiking trail I knew it was going to be a good time. 

When we got to the trail entrance we were greeted by a sign saying the trail was closed, to me that just meant the adventure would be even better! The trail was in pretty rough shape due to some extreme rain we had earlier this summer that washed away the walkways and bridges that go up the falls. It didn't stop us though. 

They actually got engaged at the top of the trail almost a year to the day of this shoot. So it was kind of a special place for them. I do think its one of the best trails I've been on, the view you get rewarded with is one of the best you'll come across in Manitoba. 

Thanks Erica and Ashley for bringing me along to such a special place for you guys to capture some beautiful photo's for you. :)

- Corey