We found ourselves at some not so typical locations in Gimli for Danielle and Shauns engagment shoot. Places I've never come across before even though i've been out to Gimli more times than I can remember. 

Danielle and Shaun met out in Gimli so it was more than suiting to get back out there for their shoot. Added bonus for us was that we got to stop off at our fav little restaurant Brennivins Pizza Hus afterwards for some delcious Ravioli bites! :)

While there was a beautiful sunset happening, it was pretty much behind us and we weren't in the greatest spot to capture it. However, shooting the opposite direction of the sunset can be crazy beautiful in its own way, the soft colors of the sky on the water made my eye's happy! So tip to others out there, don't always look for the sunset, check out the opposite side of the sky to shoot with too. 


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