Bri and Paulo wanted to switch things up from the Winter engagement shoot we did, so they booked us for a second engagement shoot. It took a few attempts to find a day that the weather would cooperate, and at that we almost called it off on our drive out to Lester Beach as the sky was looking pretty black. We kept on, as honestly I thought if anything we're gonna have some awesome moody skies to work with. 

We got to the beach and the sky started to open up and create one of the most amazing sunsets i've seen! On one side you've got this amazing sunset and just to the right of that you can see the rain falling in the distance over the lake. CRAZY!!!

Had a lot of fun with this shoot, Bri and Paulo are good for some laughs thats for sure. 

I've also been trying to get some video clips when I can remember during our shoots so i've included that little clip as well. 

I hope you enjoy this shoot as much as we did!