Hello Brides and Grooms!

We've put this guide together to help you out with your big day. If you think there's some good info that would be helpful to other couples or questions that you still have feel free to shoot that our way. 

How much time do we need for getting ready photo's?

For Brides we suggest 1-1.5 hours before heading out to the first look or ceremony. We do suggest that you have your make up/hair done last to ensure we capture that. It also means it will be fresh as can be before heading out. 

For Grooms we suggest 1 hour before heading out. 

How many hours do we need for our photo's and wedding party photo's

To be sure we capture photo's of the two of you and your wedding party we recommend at least 2 hours. Don't forget to factor in any travel time to different locations. We understand that that amount of time might not always be possible, if that is the case let us know and we will work out a game plan to make sure everything works out. 

How long do we need for Family photo's

Family photo's are generally done pretty quickly and smoothly. They should take 30 minutes max. To be sure it goes as quickly and easily as possible it would be a good idea to have a list created of all family that you want photo's with. It would be best to give that list to a close family member that knows who everyone is and an gather them together. 

Should we have an unplugged wedding?

We 110% encourage this idea for several reasons

What happens if we go over our booked hours?

If you book extra hours before the wedding day the cost will be $400/hour plus taxes
If you decide that extra hours are needed the day of the cost would be $500/hour plus taxes

What if it rains?

We always suggest that you have an indoor location booked just in case it rains on the wedding day. If it does rain all day and we can't get outside for some photo's the two of you are welcome to get dressed up in your wedding clothes on another date within one month from the wedding date. We can head out to an agree'd upon location and get some photo's. 

Suggested locations for indoor photo's around Winnipeg would be:
- Aspire Studios
- Kings Head Pub
- A greenhouse
- Inn at the Forks

Please be sure to make arrangements with your indoor location before the wedding. Booking an indoor location is not the responsibility of COJO Photo. 

Can we make several payments before the wedding?

Yes, this is not a problem. Please let us know ahead of time to make arrangements.