Mikaila + Will

I thought i'd put together a bit of a list of possible places for us to shoot! 

I've gone through google maps and plotted out a big circle to travel and shoot. I think if you were to drive the trip straight through it would be a couple of hours. Im sure there will be stops along the way too. 

Once I know what time the ceremony is at we can see if this is do-able. 

Let me know what you guys think. 


We'll get things started here of course! There looks to be lots of good spots to shoot around here. 


So this place has that amazing rock arch. There's also some good spots along the water/cliffs. 
It is approx 20 mins from Budir. 


There is some pretty amazing rock formations by the water, and looks like a pretty dramatic place to shoot. 


The cliffs here... wow! 



Ridiculously cool mountain with a waterfall... what more could you ask for right?


I kind of stumbled on this while google mapping everything, its kind of on the last leg of the circle. Looks like a good spot too.